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Dave’s Whole Wheat Chocolate Walnut Cookies

March 18, 2012

Dave turned 30 earlier this year. Hooray for being born! Being 30 and giving me free train rides means he deserves these chocolate chip walnut cookies. Half the batch were just chocolate chip  in case he’s not into nuts. But as far as I know, he’s as nutty as they come (ok, I’ll turn off the cheese now).

I won’t post the recipe because the thing about whole wheat substitutions is ratio. I’ve seen recipes where the flour content is 100% whole wheat, which I feel has a gritty taste. I prefer a 3:1 ratio of 75% whole wheat and 25% all purpose flour. I did this is for the next few posts (short breads), so it can work for any baked good.


Lastly, it won’t be a big untold secret if I confess that I am frugal (it’s unfortunate that most dreams have a price tag!). I’m usually pretty good at knowing when I can and cannot go cheap. Dollar store Tupperware? Thumbs up! Frying pan? Thumbs down! With that said, knives are really expensive, but worth the investment for longevity. For now, I was using a set that was handed down to me from my sister (which is from Ikea). It’s a double whammy of garbage and some of my foodie friends are probably horrified to know I cook with them (whatever). This is what I get for my thriftiness:

I’ll probably just wait to go through all the knives before I bother to invest in a good one. Yup, that’s how I roll.

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