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Jeny’s Granola

March 11, 2012

I’m a fan of podcasts, particularly from Slate. Their Culture Gabfest podcast had a segment on the best granola recipe with one of my other favorite podcast, The Sporkful, as judges. Cross-podcasting is exciting for dorks like me. It then occurred to me that I never made granola ::gasp::.

It also occurred to me that my friend Jeny is having a kick-ass year. She’s engaged to a spectacular guy, moved to a new state, new job, owns the cutest dog ever, and is reigning supreme. Cool people deserve cool things and granola just seemed up her alley. Plus it packages well and has a long shelf life.

I followed the podcast’s winning recipe, one of the competing recipes on the show had sesame seeds, but I shunned that. They described the awesomeness of chunks, which mine does not  have. I think that’s because I cut back on the some of the oil. Next time perhaps I would use more maple syrup since I would have preferred this to be sweeter ::gasp #2::.

I love chunks of nuts. No way would I have bought it precut. Chunks… hmmm. Toasted almonds create a world of awesomeness in my mouth.

Maple syrup: You can buy Aunt Jemima or pay triple for “pure maple syrup”. My mom only fed us light syrup because she didn’t want us to consume a lot of sugar. So I never had real maple syrup (a sin, I know). With that said, I didn’t realize it’s more of a liquid than thick syrup. Google the difference, I feel like this is a very late and important lesson in my life.

Some salt, spice and lots of yum. After it comes out the oven, it smells to great and the toasted nuts call to you. There’s no way it could get better. Oh wait…

Yes it can, add raisins and dried cranberries. Pfshh…Now the world is alright. Good luck and cheers Jeny!

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  1. Steve & Jeny permalink
    September 7, 2012 9:30 am

    We ate this on EVERYTHING


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