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Spicy Baked Kale Chips

March 3, 2012

I don’t eat potato chips. Actually… I take it back. My mom likes to nosh on them during movies. I occasionally indulge because sour cream chips are associated with movie time with her. But overall, nope. Not worth the calories.

But kale…. If you read this regularly you might have noticed I have been shoving it in every soup I make. I go through spurts with my food. For a while I ate only avocados, then oatmeal, now it’s kale.


It’s a very odd vegetable and I don’t blame people for not liking it. The leaves are very dense and it needs to be de-veined before cooking. The most common way of baking it is just to have 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of kosher or sea salt. How much simple can it get?

While that’s great, I need some flavor. I sprinkle in some cayenne pepper and paprika. I have bought kale chips from a very fashionable gourmet supermarket in Soho (for $12 a serving, how ridiculous considering it’s $1.25 for a bundle) and the ingredients were cayenne, paprika, Parmesan, and I believe cumin. Next time I’ll add the cheese. I was trying to cut calories. I just sprinkled enough pepper so that I could see red everywhere. I didn’t really measure. I’d estimate about 2 tablespoon for the entire bunch.

I have seen chocolate covered kale when researching other spices. I’m not sure I am at that point yet. Maybe soon I’ll ease into it.


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