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Confession: Failures (Part 1)

January 29, 2012

I forget when reading food blogs that these people are human. They make errors. We all make errors. We all learn. It doesn’t matter how many years you have been cooking/baking, how many times you made that recipe, there are times you just flop. This is a “keep it real” showcase of all of my recent flops.

Polski Makowiec

Should be a round roll. Wasn’t sweet enough and I also baked it with the binding on top (duh!). When you seal a roll, it should rest on the closing so it doesn’t open during baking.

IPA (Beer) Cookies

I tried to do a variation of another beer cookie I found online. It tasted terrible. I tried to salvage the dough by adding Grape Nuts cereal, so much worse. Then I tried to add more beer, but it got denser.  Not good.

Honey Cake

Smitten Kitchen always has perfect recipes, but for some reason this one didn’t do it for me. It was edible and tasted fine except that it had way too much Jack Daniels. I felt like I was getting drunk off a slice.

Pear Chips

I probably didn’t bake them long enough. Dennis like and ate them all, but I think this is an all day process.

Pineapple Polenta Upside Down Cake

First attempt failed because the can of pineapples was moldy and I didn’t realize. My second shot was WAY too sweet. Perhaps it should be that way? I never actually had upside down pineapple cake, so it’s possible it should be that way and I just don’t like it. More research needs to be done.

Pineapple Cheese Danish

Not sweet enough and let it sit around too long so the yeast spread to odd proportions.

Fortune Cookies

They tasted ok (a bit sweet) but I couldn’t get the shapes to stay. I over-baked, under-baked, shape spread out, and this was a big mess.

In a few months I will probably have many more. If anyone has suggestions on how to perfect these ideas, please send me an e-mail. Otherwise, I’m letting you in on the secret that there are just as many misses as hits. Feel better when you screw up.


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