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Favorite Fall Apple Cake

October 19, 2011

I want to keep baking to make my apartment smell like autumn forever. Maybe if I keep using cinnamon enough, it’ll sink into my couches and rugs.  Let me warn you all, there is a direct parallel correlation between the temperature decline and my optimism.

My favorite apple cake recipe is from Smitten Kitchen. I made this for a friend, but our plans fell through. So yet again, I had another dessert left at my apartment. I pretty much picked off the top. I normally love the inside of bread/cakes, but with this one it’s different, dried apples are yummy!

This isn’t overly sweet, incredibly soft and not mushy from the apples. While I know that the amount of oil is a turnoff and I am normally the Queen of healthy substitutions, I think this really helps keep the cake light. With all the density of the apples, I prefer to leave it in.

Although, admittedly I never tried it with applesauce. Perhaps it would bring out the flavors? I am unsure. I do sometimes do half brown sugar when I’m feeling extra frisky.

For all of you who went apple picking and want something new to add to your recipe box, go for it. Oh yea, and you’re welcome.

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