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Thank you friends! No thank you sister!

October 10, 2011

I missed a post last week. I was doing so well with my once a week updates, but I got lazy. I flew back home for my birthday and then was just too lazy to write. What a spectacular weekend.

This blog clearly focuses on my family and friends with good reason. Because they are awesome! Look what I mysteriously got in the mail the week of my birthday…

That’s right, pumpkin bread!

Guess what I got the following week…

That’s right ANOTHER pumpkin bread! I won’t tell you which one was better because that would just not be fair.

So yes, my life has been a lot of running and eating pumpkin bread. I hear I have an Irish soda bread coming my way too. Oh goodness, you guys are too awesome! Thank goodness I run 40 miles a week, I would not be able to sustain all this eating.

Overall, I have to thank everyone who made an effort to see me, the baked goods, card, massages, beers, etc. Especially those who were so supportive during the marathon and sent well wishes. It’s a funny thing when you move away because you have a lot of solitude and it makes you fear that you will become a lost memory, but I think it’s done the opposite.

On another note, my sister and I are having a competition. We have some short term goals we would both like to achieve. Most are fitness goals and we check in every 2 weeks to see if we are making them. If we fail a goal, the amount we have to spend on Christmas will increase. If we make all our goals, then we will not have to buy a gift for the other.

Goal #1 for me is to lose 5 pounds by next Saturday. Clever little Jenn thought it would be funny to send me a gift.

Oh how cute?! A box with a witches’ hat on top. Cute right? Wait… when you open it…

Wait…. Are those?!… Noo…. Noo…. Not cookies?!?!?!

Yes, she sent a Mrs. Fields gift box. Inside are various types of brownies and cookies along with an encouraging note, something about ‘once on the lips forever on the hips.’ Oh yea… and the best part? There is a nutritional information pamphlet with the calorie counts. She knows that I have no self control, hence why my fridge is always boring. Don’t buy it and you won’t eat it.

The brownies (260 calories for one) are a bit processed tasting. Think Little Debbie with the confetti sprinkles. The cookies on the other hand, I really love macadamia cookies, processed tasting or not, it goes in my belly out of necessity. Too bad they have 180 calories. Too bad I am going to eat them all, not happily, yet very happily.


Dear Jenn,

I will win this competition. You will not receive a Christmas gift from me. I am attending Bikram tonight, already went to the gym and plan to do an Insanity workout. All while planning to eat EVERY SINCE delicious treat in this package. SUCK IT Biggest Loser style!


The winning Dz sister


4 Comments leave one →
  1. October 17, 2011 8:36 am

    Happy birthday, and good luck kicking sista’s butt!

    • October 18, 2011 8:31 am

      Haha, thanks!! Mucho appreciated!

      • January 2, 2014 3:09 am

        we love cookies but yeah, home made’s awylas great! we love fruits and cream these days but anything sweet, we will be happy! visiting from Thursday Brownies, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week.

      • February 18, 2014 12:40 pm

        Gee willikers, that’s such a great post!

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