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Sticky Head’s Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

September 19, 2011

It’s autumn, my favorite time of year. The smells. The color. The food. The marathons. Fantasy Football. Wait…I am losing football this year, so I take that last one back. But the rest still holds true and dear to my heart. It occurred to me while pumpkin picking on Labor Day weekend that everything in Georgia is bigger. The bugs, humidity heat index, and steroid-sized pumpkins.

I was fortunate when I got down here to immediately meet a small group of people who welcomed me with open arms and have not allowed me to be lonely in my apartment.

The guys even make their own beer and created a pumpkin beer last weekend. In preparation of watching the brew process (or rather the clean up, I was delayed by enjoying the last of the pool before I got there), I made them these cinnamon buns.

There are a few variations of the recipe, but I think this one which is variation of a bread dough is best. I’ve begun to master the art of yeast, because as stated in the recipe, the times suggested to rise are just guides. I have noticed that I need to give it 150% of the time stated in most recipes. The south has officially taught me to slow down and gain some patience.

One of my favorite things about these is that there are more spices involved (ginger, cardamom, allspice, nutmeg, cloves). Because of this my apartment smelt fabulous.


Like any relationship, baking has certain love/hate aspects to it (yes, I am in a relationship with my kitchen). One thing I loathe is getting flour all over my table, because I love my dining room table more than I should admit. But once I roll the dough out, the world feels alright again.

Oh yea, and getting your hands all buttery? It’s like grade school all over again.

I added pumpkin to the icing, hence the orange tinted cream cheese icing. I think that was my biggest mistake: over-icing.

The spices and sugar in the roll are so immense that I personally wouldn’t even add the icing, but since Sean (who eats Atlanta) has a go-big-or-go-home attitude when it comes to food, I opted to add it. My logic is that people usually like the opposite of what I like, and since I prefer less icing, I kept adding. Soon these bad boys were swimming in it, but he still noticed the spices, so his palate upholds its reputation.


Either way, this got me so motivated for seasonal stews, pumpkin, apples, etc. I am running a few events, so I can blame my high calorie intake on all this. Oh yea, did I mention Katie and Sam run too? 40 days till Sam’s first half-marathon! So exciting!

Speaking of races, I am flying back to New York to run one this Saturday, beers to celebrate after. If you have for some reason been living under a rock and have not been contacted by me, please come out Saturday night to Williamsburg Brooklyn for some fun.

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  1. August 8, 2013 1:45 am

    I love your photos (and the food in them haha). Just watned to drop a line and say I used some of the photos from your blogs onto my blog. I linked back to yours and gave credit! 🙂 PS. What kind of camera do you use? How much is the calendar? Thanks.

  2. August 29, 2013 10:32 pm

    I love your photos (and the food in them haha). Just wneatd to drop a line and say I used some of the photos from your blogs onto my blog. I linked back to yours and gave credit! 🙂 PS. What kind of camera do you use? How much is the calendar? Thanks.

  3. October 27, 2013 6:42 am

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m very thfaknul for my friends Jayce and Maureen, and everyone else I’ve met on this site. Today I’m breaking tradition, and making spare ribs, loaded baked potatoes, garlic bread, and tree’s n bushes! My kids are having turkey tomorrow, so I didn’t want them to have to do it twice.Hope everyone had a safe, and yummy holiday!

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