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Tony’s Snickerdoodles

September 11, 2011

A very long time ago I posted about how fabulous these snickerdoodles are. No really. They are a staple in my life. People at my former job would request for them to be made. They really are something else. The crack of all cookies. Don’t overmix; you’ll have a blasé cookie.

Many of my friends are having big life events take place. Tony will soon be bringing a little version of himself into this world, so I also made baby sugar cookies (same as I made for Kaaren) to accompany his snickerdoodles.

Joe just got a new job at a watch company, so of course, he gets cookies too. He also hinted that he loves anything peanut butter, so I tried a new recipe from the Amy’s Bread cookbook, which I will have a separate post about.

I sent both of these out the Monday after the hurricane and FedEx had tons of disclaimers that they would not deliver on time. I was so worried about soggy or delayed cookies. I have to find a better way of shipping. I am not particularly great at boxing them (saran wrap? Seems a bit ghetto).

Practice makes perfect. My first baked shipment (I’ll post in the near future) was super ghetto. My poor friend might have been too horrified to eat his brownies. Good news is that I get to see everyone in person in just 2 weeks! No mailing needed!

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  1. January 6, 2014 10:45 am

    That home warming party set up looks great! I think you need a bit of time after you move in to have the party- we had ours about 6 mtonhs after moving into our new house. Looks like a great weekend!


  1. Joe’s Nutty Peanut Butter Cookies (via Amy’s Bread) « o r a n g e y o u h u n g r y

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