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Dennis’s Green Surf Birthday Cake

July 25, 2011

Last weekend was my friend Dennis’s birthday, so of course he needed a cake. When I asked what his favorite type is, he replied ‘Green Cake’. A bit befuddled, I wasn’t sure if that was a special type of cake that I was unfamiliar about, maybe a German thing? Dennis is really into German cuisine. Oh yea, I know, I have to start putting effort into the photos, clearly you can see I forgot about how I was going to blog this since there is a phone, pickles and beer in the photo. Yup, when you party at my place it’s in style.

Anyway, I googled ‘green cake’, I assumed it might be something traditional like red velvet where it’s made with vinegar or has cream cheese icing. But atlas I came to the conclusion, he literally meant the color green. Umm, ok Dennis (I am politely rolling my eyes), haha. He’s the birthday boy, he gets what he wants.

He is very much into surfing, but unfortunately he lives a bit far inland now, so he doesn’t get to see the beach as often as he’d like which is why I really wanted to do this theme. The buttermilk cake is from Sky High: Irresistible Triple-Layer Cakes  and the Swiss Buttercream is from Smitten Kitchen. Dennis and I have discussed our favorite cuisines and we share a similar palate, so I gathered that he’s not really into overly sweet cakes. I’m pretty sure I have raved about this frosting recipe before since it won’t make you cringe and fear cavities. The basic buttercream recipe is just butter and sugar, meanwhile this only has a cup of sugar and is egg based. Oh yea, he was surprised by the way, I like surprising people 🙂

To make the palm tree I used Twix bars so that it could stand up. Unfortunately I had a hard time getting the palm leaves to stay on. At first I used fondant, but that tends to get soft, my second shot with gum-paste was much more successful.

You know what’s odd? I needed graham crackers for the sand, so I figured I would just buy the already crushed box. It’s actually $1 more for crushed graham crackers then the whole ones! That seems odd, wouldn’t they just take the crumbs from the factory and throw it in a box? Logically it seems like this would cost less, leftovers are always cheaper, no?! What am I misunderstanding?

The cake took a lot of green food coloring since I tried to make it nice hue. Dennis is like a kid, always happy as a clam and had a green mouth that night. It’s nice to see your friends smile with green teeth! Happy Birthday Dennis!

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  1. Lex permalink
    July 25, 2011 2:09 pm

    You are surprised that Graham Cracker Crumbs cost more than the whole cracker? you are paying for effort! That’s how it always works. there is no way to get the crumbs unless you buy the crackers. Since there is a demand for the crumbs you can charge a premium on them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had more sales of the crumbs than the crackers.

    oh and I would guess the reasons your views go up on Wednesday and Sunday is not just because we all know you will post then… but many of us subscribe and are notified when there is an update 🙂 So that’s when we visit!

    • July 25, 2011 2:23 pm

      Haha, I didn’t explain myself properly, but as for the the subscription shock, I didn’t post anything last Sunday, but my readership still spiked. Every week (regardless if I keep on top the schedule) my readership bar chart looks like: I_ _ I _ _ _

      If they didn’t have the tally, I probably wouldn’t be as motivated to update since it doesn’t seem like anyone reads it due to no comments.

      As for the graham cracker debate, I should have known you would have though whole crackers are logical. But they can’t sell broken crackers, recycling rather then disposing seems so much more efficient.

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