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Triple Layer Lemon Cake with Raspberry filling and Lemon Buttercream

June 29, 2011

Every year my office participates in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. It’s a 5k run in Central Park between different companies in Manhattan and funds go to the Central Park Conservatory.

My company is nice enough to pay our entry fees, but as thanks we like to have an office bake sale to help with some of the costs involved. Normally I make sugar cookies with the logo on it and some geeky science things, but this year I was a bit pressed for time, so layer cake it was.

I am a big disappointed that I did not end up taking a picture of the inside, I completely forgot.  It was a 3 layer lemon cake with lemon butter cream and raspberry filling. I didn’t actually try a piece, so I can’t say if it’s my favorite lemon cake recipe out there.

I ran into some problems because I ran out of powdered sugar, so I couldn’t make butter cream. I tried to make swiss butter cream (you melt granular sugar), however it was fluffing up enough. I was forced to do a 1 am run to the local supermarket to buy powdered sugar. I ended up combing my slightly failed swiss butter cream and the regular butter cream and I think it worked out well. I am personally not a fan of butter cream, it’s entirely too sweet for me. So this gave it a nice little balance.

That’s a picture of my favorite lady Faith after the run. My goodness! So many people were there! It never ceases to amaze me how 14,000 people can run a 5k together. It does not seem like a long enough distance to house such a large crowd.

Either way it was a ton of fun yet again! I love office events! That makes me a dork doesn’t it?

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