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Paul’s Black Bean Avocado Salad

June 19, 2011

Recently I have a lot of huge changes in my life. With new opportunities around the corner, I felt it would be nice to document them with a new spiffy camera. I bought myself a digital SLR. I also thought this purchase would help make the blog a bit more aesthetically pleasing. I was so eager to use it that I stupidly skipped reading the manual. This was the first set of photos that I took with it, so they are not much to awe at since I barely knew how to put it on.

A few weekends ago my college friend Paul and his lovely girlfriend Marissa had a bbq, so I bought this avocado black bean salad. I always trust People never lie; it’s like yelp for recipes. I like this one in particular because it’s so easy and effortless. I was able to make it while distracted gossiping with my mom in just a few minutes. Just chop veggies, mix dressing, open cans and you’re done.

I was skeptical about it since I didn’t feel that avocados would hold their shape, but it gave it that creaminess that you would typically get from summer side dishes but without the gross mayonnaise (sorry mayo lovers, I cannot be among you).

A few people asked me for the recipe, so clearly it is good. But I’m a simple girl, so I agree, you just chop up freshness and it’ll be a bigger success then something more complex.

Oh holy awesome. I love summertime for the avocados and the random events it brings.

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