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Jenn & Mike’s Dinosaur Cookie Favors

June 15, 2011

Late last year my sister got married. Married. Yup, that’s right. Weird right? Not the idea of her being with someone, but coming to terms with knowing that we don’t wear matching suspenders and I follow her around like the annoying little sister that I was (or still am I suppose).


Neither Jenn nor Mike enjoy having the spotlight on them. They are very much low-key kind of people.

With that said they wanted a simple family dinner for their wedding celebration. Not a full on wedding, much more their style.


They asked me to make their party favors. Mike has this thing with dinosaurs, he’s just fascinated. Since men don’t often get a say in much of the planning for these types of things, Jenn gave him free reign on this. So he wanted a bride and groom dinosaur.

It was a lot of fun. I’m not sure I could have done it on a larger scale, but for 50 guests (that’s 100 cookies in total), I managed to get some sleep the night before. The packaging was actually meant for photos that I bought in bulk online.


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