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Chocolate Apple Pie

July 31, 2009
Chocolate Apple Pie

Chocolate Apple Pie

I saw this recipe on Dutch Girl Cooking for Chocolate Apple Pie and was intrigued. My sister is a huge apple pie fan, so I wanted to try something different.

I made it. It was ok. I mean not terrible, but just did not tickle my fancy. Just throwin’ it out there in case anyone else saw the recipe. I couldn’t even tell you what made it just ‘ok’. I think my taste buds didn’t like the dark chocolate with the apples. Not that I don’t mind chocolate covered apples, but this wasn’t as sweet.

It’s summer, I’m on my summer diet of veggies and fruits so not too much to report. Although I must tell everyone about my garden soon.

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  1. July 31, 2009 4:02 pm

    Thanks for trying my recipe!

    That’s kinda why I mentioned in my posting that I didn’t like overly sweet pies and that this wasn’t one, but that you could up the sugar a nudge. Maybe switch to regular chocolate as well?

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