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Bake Sale Sugar Cookies

June 21, 2009

I know, I’m a failure at this whole blog thing. As many of you may know, I’m going to school part-time 4 days a week after work. That pretty much leaves me out of the kitchen and with no down time. Especially with work being so busy.

I work in science publishing and recently we took part in the JP Corporate Challenge. To raise money for it we had a bake sale at work. I decided to make sugar cookies and attempt a science theme to them. I wanted to make something more stable for packaging purposes, so I used CakeJournal‘s shortbread/sugar cookie recipe and Joy of Baking‘s chocolate sugar cookie recipe.

I attempted to draw out a double helix and the molecular formula for sucrose, but I was afraid no one would get it. So instead I stuck with pigs (in response to the H1N1 “epidemic”), beakers, hearts, and happy faces. I was a little sloppy, but then again I had a zillion to do with not a lot of time. I suppose that’s not an excuse… oh well. Anyway, the run was a lot of fun! Can’t wait for next year.

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