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Fail: Crumb Cake

March 20, 2009

Ok… So I never said that everything I make is a complete success. My friend Matt came over last week for grilled apple cheese (something I fell upon in Colorado and instantly fell in love). I wanted to also make dessert, there are a few foods that I know he loves, like anything with blueberries. Since those are out of season I went for his second favorite: Crumb Cake.

He loves tons of crumbs too (I think most people feel this way, I’m impartial). I found this recipe on Laura Rebecca’s Kitchen which she adapted from Cook’s Illustrated. It seemed perfect since the crumbs call for a cup more flour then the actual cake. Well… that wasn’t the case.

It looked great when I took it out of the oven the night before he came. But the next day the middle had completely sunken. I cooked it in a 9″ spring form (the recipe called for a bigger pan) and even made a few muffins from the dough. The crumbs were so heavy they just sank the batter in and didn’t let it cook. The cake was half raw even though I had kept it in the oven about 20 minutes longer then the recipe called for.

Of course, Matt being the gentleman that he is said “Crumb cake is supposed to be half raw, this is perfect” as he dug into it. Haha, how nice of him to eat the whole piece and preted it’s better mushy and raw. So word of advice, too many crumbs CAN be a bad thing!

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