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Winter Soups

March 5, 2009

It’s an incredibly awkward time of the year. It’s freezing, but random days are filled with warm breezes that cause sore throats. New vegetables are around the corner, but it’s just shy of being in season. Yet we try to be in shape and eat healthy, but winter depression is making that hard.

The best solution for this (in terms of food) is soup. I recently made cabbage rolls and had some cabbage left. What better solution then to make minestrone soup? I figured since I would be canning most of the minestrone, I might as well make a second soup to go with it.

My second soup… Well, I guess you can say it’s vegetable soup? Not sure, I made it on the fly. I saw this Curry soup recipe in 101 Cookbooks and loved the color of all the chunky greens and tofu. I made something totally different, but that’s where the inspiration came from. I basically cooked up couscous in a vegetable broth of peas, asparagus, cauliflower and broccoli.

I realized when throwing random things in both my soup pots that it’s hard to screw up soup (at least when you are doing an all vegetable soup). I cannot think of any broth, cream or vegetable that does not go with another, can you?!

As for the the minestrone that I made, I loved it because it wasn’t even really a ‘soup’. It was basically like a giant salad of cooked vegetables. I’m aware that some people may complain about this, but when you’re living single you have no one to answer to. Now I am happily set in my pantry until the spring rolls around.

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