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Mike’s Birthday Cake

February 17, 2009

In December my sister asked me to make a birthday cake for her boyfriend’s 27th birthday. Since I can never refuse a cake opportunity, I gladly accepted. She told me to make anything I wanted, so long as it was big. He always seemed to rave about cake that looks like food so I figured that was probably the best thing to make for him.

The only problem was that none of us (Mike, my sister or I) like fondant. Without fondant, it’s not quite as clean looking. I used only Swiss butter-cream and a chocolate mousse butter-cream, which didn’t really look too great, but at least it was edible to our desires.

The idea was to do a bottom row that looked like fried chicken, 2nd layer spaghetti and meatballs, third later hot dogs with ‘Happy Birthday Mike’ written in ‘ketchup’ and the top layer as a Monster energy drink (his favorite).

Again, this really is not one of the best cakes that I ever made, but it was great practice. I learned that unless you’re making typical tiers (staircase square/round layers), it’s very hard to put together the cake. The butter-cream made it hard to manage and things were sliding all over the place!

In the end it was fun and Mike seemed to like it. That’s all that matters. I also got a lot of practice at perfect my cake recipes, which I think I have down pat.

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