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Christmas Tree – UPDATE

January 8, 2009

Everyone told us not to keep our Christmas tree up for as long as we did. Did Liz (roommate) and I listen? No. Of course not! We did not listen because coming home and sitting by a lit up Christmas tree feels so relaxing. Or maybe we did not listen because we’re both stubborn? Whatever the case may be, it kicked us in the ass.

The tree had been up for exactly a month. It sure seemed a lot longer when we took it down since it was bone dry (odd since there was water in the holder). There were more pine needles creating a puddle in our tree skirt then there was on the tree.

My parents have bought a real tree my entire life and I have never seen such a sad display of nature. I’m pretty sure we will be cleaning random pine needles until next Christmas.

Next year we plan to research our trees on how sharp the needles are (this one was extreme!) and more importantly how long they last. I’m too ashamed to take a picture of what it looks like on our stoop. It’s been out there for 4 days now and it’s so much sadder then in these pictures. It’s not a tree, it’s a dead branch. I can’t wait for our garbage men to laugh at us.

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  1. Alex K. permalink
    January 8, 2009 2:41 pm

    There’s actually a simple way to resolve this. It sounds crazy, but ti works. all you have to do is open a window, tip your apartment to the side, and give it a good shake. As long as you secure your cookware, furniture, etc., it should go swimmingly.

  2. January 6, 2013 7:24 am

    disengaging from toxic sinoatiuts and people. This, Emma, is SO important. I need to work on it more but I can completely understand why you’ve made a point of doing this. One never understands how detrimental these things are to health until they’ve been cut out.

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