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October 3, 2008

I decided to start canning (or preserving? Whatever you want to call it). Although, I suppose it was a stupid idea since I should have perfected my salsa and tomato sauce recipes before I bother preserving them for the year.

I did a lot of research on basic salsa recipes and thought it would be soooo easy. And I suppose it is, but I definitely need to find a better recipe to perfect.

I used just red onions, tomatoes (I’ll get to that process in a minute), jalepenjo peppers, garlic, cilantro and lime juice. Cut them up and let simmer and it’ll be a gorgeous array of color. You’ll notice that I probably put WAY too much onion in this. Is that normal? Nope. I really should have cut back, it called for 4 onions and I guess they must have used tiny ones? Who knows, but I’m an idiot for overkilling them.

This was the first time I blanched tomatoes. It’s an interesting process.  You basically bring them to a simmer in a pot of water and them throw them quickly into an ice bath. It allows you to peel the skin off the tomatoes with ease. This process works great if you don’t overcook the tomatoes (I’m guilty, which is why I’m advising!).

Some recipes just used these basic ingredients and that was it. I think it was incredibly bland. I didn’t have any spices on hand so I just jarred them as is.  I’ll either use this salsa inside dishes that it’s masked, or just add seasoning as I open them.

It’s definitely trial and error, but then again I never promised that every project I post on here would be a culinary perfection. Any good salsa recipes that you recommend? Let me know!

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