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The Brooklyn Kitchen

September 19, 2008

While I was at the local produce store in my neighborhood I noticed that they had boxes of tomatoes on sale. At $16.99, that’s a bargain and perfect for homemade tomato sauce. The problem is it would create more tomato sauce then any solo girl would ever need.

Therefore I decided to learn how to can. One of my Aunts in Poland had a basement filled with pickles and canned vegetables from her garden, all dated and shelved in an organized fashion. I moved to my place a little too late to start growing, but you can be sure I will take full advantage of it next year.

Anyhow, I was looking for the special jars to can with. I looked to purchase them online, but only sets of 12 and the shipping exceeded the price of the product (ok it would have cost me $20, but what if I sucked at canning?). Anyhow, I figured it’s NYC and you can find anything here.

I ended up finding The Brooklyn Kitchen, which is this adorable little store on Lorimer Street in Brooklyn (duh!). They have the most random items and if you read their history, you’ll see they were inspired to start the business when they could not find a place to purchase canning jars. It’s small, but they have a lot of stuff.

They also have classes on a ton of random things that wannabe-cooks like me are curious about (Such as how to butcher a pig!). If you are interested in creating as much as you can from your kitchen such as myself, then this place is calling you.

My next two posts will be about my canning adventure.

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