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Individual Fruit Tarts

September 3, 2008

My sister was having a little backyard Labor Day shindig, so I decided to make a few fruit tarts. After all it is still summer and berries will only be this easily accessible for so long. This is something I saw a recipe for a long time ago, but then simplified it by about 100x.  So follow along, it’s ridiculously easy.

First I made a basic pie shell dough. You would use this for the bottom of the tart.

I had these mini dishes for it, but you can probably buy the mini tin ones. But I always need to remember to pork my fork through the bottom a couple of times so that it aerates. I baked them at 375 degree for about 15-20 minutes or until they looked brown and ready.

As the bottoms were cooling off, I made some simple vanilla pudding. You can use just pudding as a filling, but personally I like something a bit creamier. So I mix in my secret ingredient.

Yes, Cool Whip. I’m not really a huge fan of this stuff, but when doing filling I always like to put an equal part of Cool Whip and somehow it makes it that much creamier.

So after you put it in and mix it altogether it’ll be a much light color and possibly even a tad soupier. If so, you’ll need to refrigerate for another hour or two.

I like to dallop huge amounts in my tart shells, so much that a whole bunch broke on me. Live and learn, too much of a good thing is not enough.

After that I mix and match cut up strawberries and blueberries as I desire. I’ve done it with kiwis, raspberries and other summer fruits before. But I was keeping it simple this time.

And if you have more Cool Whip left and you know you’ll never use it like, then by all means please put on the top of your tarts.

It’s pretty simple, but looks fancy which I love.

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