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Meat Cake

August 27, 2008

While being very productive at work one day, I landed upon this Kooky Cake Recipe (birthday meatloaf) on the Martha Stewart website. (Lex, I’m warning you, you’ll hate this) I thought it was the most clever idea for a jazzing up meatloaf, since let’s get serious, who actually enjoys eating that stuff? NOT me!

I also figured since I had my friend Melissa’s potluck dinner to go to, this would be perfect. So first it started with one medium sauteed onion and 2 cloves of garlic. Martha calls for celery too, but I prefer without.

Then we need the beef, tomato sauce, Worcherschire Sauce, egg, ground oats, salt, pepper ground mustard and possibly a kitchen sink. Or if you are like my mom and need to get rid of some of your random fridge contents, you can hide it in this lovely meat mixture. Anyhow, it will look like this…

I like to use a mixture of ground beef and veal, but I’m pretty sure any ground meat combination works. Or just sticking to one kind. I found it to be very juicy my way, although that was actually a bad thing since I was making a cake out of this.

Now this is my least favorite part (maybe I’m lying to appear feminine and mature, but you’ll never know). It’s the part where you need to dig in.

Now you can’t get shy about this. Make sure you really mix it well, use those man hands and go wild.

It did not occur to me until after I started going a bit crazy in my mixing that I should have waited to put the peas in after. Oh and Martha does not call for peas, but I like them so hey what not? Maybe they were just in my fridge and I’m turning into my mother.

Oh yea! While doing this the icing (potatoes) are cooking.

So eventually after we finishing getting our hands dirty, it’s time to shape the meat and shove into a 350 degree oven.

Martha seems to believe that 20 minutes would suffice for fully cooking these babies, but she was dead wrong. I ended up doubling my time (also flipping them over in between). Maybe my meat was particularly dense? Lord knows.

Now you’ll mash your potatoes and put about 1/4 into a piping bag (or ziplock bag).

Layer it like a normal cake and pipe nice little decorative points like a cake, using peas as decor. You can see below how it came out.

So now I was ready to go to Melissa’s and show off my wonderful creation. Only get this! I drove ALL the way to her house and ended up realizing the party was next weekend. I felt like such a fool!

Overall this is a very cool project, although it’s not that practical unless you have enough people to eat it. A girl living alone having it for an entire week wasn’t exactly what I call a great time. Although baking each slice individually was pretty awesome because the mashed potatoes became very crispy, almost like tater tots.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. August 27, 2008 5:28 am

    whoa.. that is awesome! you should come by my bloggy giveaway.. fun girl stuff!

  2. Steve permalink
    August 27, 2008 10:03 pm

    I like meatloaf – i enjoy eating it.

    Want to bake something for our record release party?

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